Mike King

Mike King
Director of Maintenance Operations

If you ask Dickson resident Mike King to recall a favorite Mathews project, he will most likely mention One Nashville Place, a 23story office building The Mathews Company developed and built in downtown Nashville. He says of his role, "I was instrumental in establishing and designing the emergency management system. It was a challenge, but it worked out really well, and we had control of that building. I really felt that I was a part of the success of that project."
Indeed, Mike has been a part of many successes with The Mathews Company. He has been with Mathews since 1974, and now one of his sons has joined the company as well.
In their spare time, Mike and his wife, Rebecca, ride Harleys with a motorcycle club called The Southern Cruisers; but Mike, who holds the responsibility for the complete maintenance of all properties owned and  managed by the company, spends most of his time overseeing a staff of 23  technicians. He and his team provide services to Mathews managed buildings, as well as other buildings in the area, such as professional offices, child care centers, and health care centers.

Mike has extensive experience and specialty training in various aspects of building services, including refrigeration transition and recovery, asbestos abatement, energy management, access control systems, and life safety systems. By responding directly to tenant and client needs, Mike's skills and the skills of his team of technicians enable The Mathews Company to manage buildings efficiently and effectively.

“There is a time when there is a market. Like farming, a developer has to learn to start when the environment lets him start, work as quickly as he can, and hope for a good return”
--Bob Mathews